Empowering Remote Youth Across Africa

Our organisation works in Nigeria to build local infrastructures and emancipate young people who live remotely. We want to educate, transform and move the people of Nigeria to create breaks for themselves, with the ambition to expand our work across all developing nations in Africa.

Abour our International Work

Team Steps carries out international work, particularly in Africa. It works in partnership with other colleges in Nigeria to enable the development of a system that is partly lost there in terms of qualifications standards. We transport our U.K. English programmes to aid citizens in developing nations to pass IELTS or TOEIC tests, and provide coaching to young people with entrepreneurial flair to boost local economies and lessen the African brain-drain phenomenom.

We are seeking to create a hub in different countries in Africa, currently set-up in Nigeria, where we can provide an accredited centre with a view to educate across the age range, especially young people, who want to be entrepreneurs who have the ability to reach the standards. Part of this is that we know there will be lots more contracts coming between the U.K. and Africa with changes to our relationship with Europe. In doing so, we want to be able to enable Nigeria, and Africa as whole, to be contract ready.

Added to that, we also want for people coming to the U.K. from Africa who are unqualified and therefore don’t attain much in Britain to reach their potential. It is likely that if we were able to educate them prior to leaving e.g. Nigeria, they could come here and be of service as a great citizen of the United Kingdom. Similarly, once they’re educated, they might not choose to become part of the ‘brain drain’ from Nigeria to the U.K. and stay in their home countries to capacity build instead, which increases infrastructures and capabilities within the continent.

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