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We at Team Steps believe in offering a Person Centred approach to its Training and Development with both individuals and organisations. Team Steps aims to meet each person or organisation goals in terms of development and to assist them in determining what type of training and/or development learning they need. As a result, you will meet company training aims and objectives. As a training provider, we are committed to building congruent and transparent dialogue with whoever accesses our unique style of partnership working.

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Training & Development

Team Steps believes that Training and Development are key aspects of success. By offering a range of training and learning opportunities to individuals and organisations, we can assist in the development of personal, professional and organisational goals.


International Work

Team Steps carries out international work, particularly in Africa. It works in partnership with other colleges in Nigeria to enable the development of a system that is partly lost there in terms of qualifications standards.


Business Consultancy

Team Steps offers a wide range of business services. From embryonic ideas to established business services, Team Steps can assist development and growth.


Third Sector

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Team Steps works alongside stakeholders to provide services which include External Supervision, Funding, Compliance, Policies, procedures and systems that make businesses efficient, effective, sustainable and successful.

About Team Steps

Our History


Team Steps was incorporated in 2005 with the vision to train young people, particularly in gangs, through a programme called ‘Choice to Change’. It is an amalgam of person-centred, counselling, and advocacy principles that makes a young person, or adult, think about their choices, offering a focused solution with practical ideas about how they can make that change.

It has been successful working with people from cradle to grave, including local authority young people and adults using the ‘Choice to Change’ programme. We also incorporate it in our external supervision programme. In addition to person-centred, counselling and advocacy principles, we use chartered management principles and we mix them together to create a cocktail that enables people to work more productively, more effectively, and to be in a greater place of understanding of their role within the workplace.


Team Steps believes that in order to empower organisations, we must first empower people. We have devised workshops and courses to assist with the development of individuals as well as those in organisations, so that there is increased positivity within the team, and more awareness of mental wellbeing from managers. From Emotional Intelligence training to workshops in Conflict Management, we can help boost productivity and increase staff morale by delivering tailored programmes to suit your business.

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If you are a freelancer who is looking to enhance your credentials within your teaching practice, our TQUK accredited Level 3 Award in Education and Training is the perfect course for you. It has given people the ability to become full-time freelancers benefitting giving their clients an increased level of satisfaction and confidence when being taught you.

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The power to train people allowed Team Steps to expand its base internationally, namely Africa. Our work focuses on inspiring young people within their communities to contribute to local development. We are currently working with education and health officials in Nigeria to galvanise youths, who reside in remote villages, so that they can play a big role in the national and continental growth happening right now. This means that, hopefully, people who derive from developing nations in Africa won’t feel the need to emigrate to find better opportunities. It is a very big place out there, so we are looking for partnerships that can help us carry this vision cross-borders.

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