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Person-Centered Training and Development Solutions

Team Steps is committed to a Person-Centered approach to Training and Development for individuals and organizations. We help you define your development needs and align them with your goals, ensuring you meet your training objectives. We prioritize open and transparent communication in our unique partnership model.

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About Team Steps

Team Steps was established in 2005 with a mission centered on empowering young individuals, particularly those in gangs, through the innovative "Choice to Change" program. This unique initiative blends person-centered, counseling, and advocacy principles to guide individuals in reevaluating their choices and equips them with practical tools for transformation.

Training & Development

Team Steps believes in training and development's pivotal role in success. We offer diverse opportunities to individuals and organizations for goal achievement.

International Work

Team Steps collaborates internationally, notably in Africa. Partnering with Nigerian colleges, we help restore and develop qualifications standards in the region.

Business Consultancy

Team Steps offers a wide range of business services. From embryonic ideas to established business services, we can assist development and growth.


Our goals

In order to empower organisations, we must first empower people.

Team Steps devised workshops and courses to assist with the development of individuals as well as those in organisations, so that there is increased positivity within the team, and more awareness of mental wellbeing from managers. From Emotional Intelligence training to workshops in Conflict Management, we can help boost productivity and increase staff morale by delivering tailored programmes to suit your business.

Africa Youth Empowerment

The power to train people allowed Team Steps to expand its base internationally, namely Africa. Our work focuses on inspiring young people within their communities to contribute to local development. We are currently working with education and health officials in Nigeria to galvanise youths, who reside in remote villages, so that they can play a big role in the national and continental growth happening right now. This means that, hopefully, people who derive from developing nations in Africa won’t feel the need to emigrate to find better opportunities. It is a very big place out there, so we are looking for partnerships that can help us carry this vision cross-borders.

Our featured Courses

Team Steps offers a diverse range of courses, spanning leadership, communication, well-being, and compliance—catering to both seasoned professionals and career beginners.

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