‘Next Level’ Membership

This group is comprised of powerful and passionate people, born from the need to build new and expand current networks. Whether it is to gain more knowledge in similar fields, or to partner up with collaboration in mind, different strengths of members have contributed to the successes of all. The membership consists of people from all walks of life who have fascinating stories to share, adding to the unique and beautifully symbiotic nature of our events.


Starting out as a small group of like-minded individuals, ‘Next Level’ membership is starting to grow, and the industries are ever branching out with members being added almost weekly!

The structure of our meeting days involves workshops including mindset training and attitude programming, so that participants leave the day feeling invincible but be able to pick themselves up when this feeling is absent. We usually meet the last Saturday of every month from 11:00-15:00 and cost is £10 with food included.

After attending, you are added to the ‘Next Level’ What’s App group where you can introduce yourselves and your key areas you work in. We will help facilitate interactions as we get to know our members in hope to create synergy between ‘newcomers’ and seasoned veterans.


Next Meeting – ‘Early 2022’


To book a place click the button below, or please email [email protected] for more information

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