Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Young People from £39

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Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Young People is a course for any individual who works with, aides, or supports adults and young people.

Individuals who work in well-being and social care regularly work with patients, who for a scope of reasons, might be less ready to shield themselves from difficult situations, mistakes or danger. You will learn how to identify when a child or young person may be at risk of harm, how to use safeguarding principles to consider the wellbeing of adults who may be at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and how to recognise the signs and indicators of abuse and neglect.

Vulnerable Adults

  • Standards of Safeguarding
  • What you have to know
  • Kinds of Abuse
  • Hazard Management
  • Common Issues
  • Enriching day-to-day life

Young Children

  • Why Safeguarding is Important
  • Kinds of Child Abuse
  • Impacts of Abuse
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Raising Concerns
  • Enactment and Safeguarding