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This course is appropriate for the individuals who need to increase familiarity with emotional wellness within a work environment; to distinguish between early indications of regular psychological wellness, sickness and to learn the abilities to help others achieve a happy state of mind.

Our psychological, mindfulness courses are intended to begin discussions about emotional wellness and bolster workers who are encountering mental distress in their day-to-day working lives, e.g. colleagues with work-related stress, anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks, etc. As more and more people encounter a psychological wellness issue because of work, one out of three people have been officially diagnosed to have an emotional wellness issue. Obviously, this is now a higher priority than at any other time to guarantee that your staff have the instruments to support each other and management when it comes to emotional upset in the work environment.

Why should you invest in mental health training?

  • To get people talking about mental health
  • To address the stigma associated with mental ill-health
  • To reduce the costs associated with mental ill-health.