Managing Conflict from £39

1 Day


Team Steps
Qualified Course Tutors

In this “Managing Conflict” course, we utilise a blend of hypothesis and down to earth practices intended to assist you with settling conflicts. It will assist you with making increasingly successful results in difficult circumstances. You will figure out how to change what you do, what to say, and the best ways to say it, so as to make change in the other individual or group. This course will be firmly tailored to the requirements of the participants.

This one-day instructional class offers a series of tips for overseeing struggle at work and presenting compelling conflict resolution techniques:

  • Transforming Arguments into Discussions
  • Conveying Bad News
  • Bolstering the Solution Not the Problem
  • Picking Appropriate Conflict
  • Defusing Blame
  • Managing Strong Feelings
  • Making a Win-Win Situation
  • Accomplishing Resolution