Dealing with Difficult People and Unreasonable Behaviour at Work from £39

1 Day


Team Steps
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Managing difficult individuals, regardless of whether they are supervisors, associates or customers, can prompt staff to feel low, unmotivated and can sometimes lead to mental health issues. This course will walk you through methods for assessing the issue, attempting to understand why the other individual is being troublesome and how to pre-empt such behaviour.

Courses in managing difficult people can be valuable in giving staff certainty when managing these circumstances. This one-day course gives you incredibly useful skills and guidance on the best way to oversee your behaviour while understanding individual behaviours and personal circumstances of others within a working environment. It will give you tips and systems to empower you to build up the certainty to be proactive and not feel daunted when tested by individuals and conditions:

  • Comprehend the hypothesis behind work environment conduct.
  • Produce positive working relationships with difficult or uncooperative people.
  • Approach struggle circumstances with expanded trust in a proper and opportune way.
  • Embrace a proficient and tailored style of training to help with troublesome individuals and/or circumstances.
  • Plan your own system for managing tough circumstances.